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10 Top Shopping Tips

10 Top Shopping Tips

Retail therapy can burn over 200 calories an hour (as if you needed an excuse) and with all the sales on at the moment, it is a perfect time to either hit the shops or let your fingers do the work online.

But make sure you make the correct purchases with our top 10 shopping tips:
1.    Make a list of exactly what you're looking for and stick to it. Shops are designed to tempt you into buying what you don't need.  Do a wardrobe check before leaving home to see what items are missing, e.g., do you need more jumpers, jeans, etc.

2.    Wear comfortable shoes, but if you're looking for clothes that you're likely to wear with heels, take the shoes with you to try on with the outfit, so you are 100% satisfied with the style.

3.    The right bra will make a huge difference to how a top or jacket fit, so take along a couple of different styles and colours with you.  Also, think about all underwear and shapewear.  Take all items to you know what the clothes will look like on you with the right underwear.

4.    Leave your partner at home, unless he is a patient saint like my guy!  And remember, even your best friend isn't necessarily your best asset.  Only shop with friends who let you go for your style knowledge, and not theirs.  Don't accept advice on what they like.  Always trust your style knowledge and gut instinct.

5.    Even the most fabulous outfit will look terrible if the fit is wrong.  Ensure seams don't pull, that trousers cover the arch of your foot when you have shoes on, and that sleeves reach just over your wrist bone.  Other pitfalls are buttons that pull across the bust, skirts that sit higher at the back and tummy rolls over the top of waistbands.

6.    Take whole outfits into the changing rooms, even if you're only looking for one or two pieces to see how they all go together.

7.    Forget the size label. Every shop sizes slightly differently, so you may find you're a 12 in one and a 16 in another. Always take your usual size and one smaller into the changing room; often the smaller size will look better.

8.    Do not let the sales assistant bully you into purchasing anything.  Remember, it's in their interest to get a sale, but not necessarily to make you look good.  Unless you have built up a trust with the sales person, go with your instinct.  Many a time while shopping, clients have been told the item looks fabulous when we know that it doesn't suit their body shape, colour or their style personality.  

9.    If you're not sure about a particular item, go home and think about it. If you can't get it out of your head after a week or two, go and get it.

10.    Always ask about the store's returns policy before buying. If a shop doesn't offer a full refund within a time limit, make sure you're 100% satisfied before parting with your cash.



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