What Foods To Eat For Menopause?

What Foods To Eat For Menopause?

Ageing can be stressful enough even without menopause making you moody, slow and bloated.

Menopause is something that we can't turn off, but instead of focusing on the symptoms you can’t change, you can do things that will help you manage them as gracefully and painlessly as possible.


There are many things you can do, but you should start with your diet. 

Here are 6 dietary requirements for assist you with menopause.

1. Opt For Carbohydrate-Rich Snacks

Hormones change during menopause, and so does your brain chemistry. Some women have reported feeling grumpy and depressed during that period, and it’s all due to lowered levels of serotonin. But, don’t fret. Sometimes all you need to do is have some carbohydrate-rich snacks, such as a whole grain bagel or some fresh air-popped popcorn, which will boost your serotonin levels in no time.

2. Calcium Bomb 

One of the biggest health issues connected to menopause is a higher risk of developing osteoporosis. If you’ve been taking enough calcium throughout your life, your bones will be strong during menopause – but most women haven’t. With calcium, you can slow down the loss of bones not only during menopause but also before and after. Women usually opt for dairy products, but there are other excellent calcium sources such as leafy greens, broccoli, salmon, sardines and almonds. 

3. Hydration, Hydration, Hydration 

Dryness symptoms are prevalent with menopause patients, so doctors recommend drinking at least eight glasses of water a day. Proper hydration also relieves the bloating that comes with hormonal changes. When you get bored of plain water, you can infuse it with herbs and fruits, but better avoid flavoured water from the store because it’s usually full of sugar and additives. Also, eat more foods that have a high water content such a watermelon and cucumber. 

4. Delicious Food With A Side Of Gossip 

There’s nothing women love more than spending time with other women, sharing some gossip and just hanging out. Ok, maybe it’s not the most important thing, but we certainly love it. When they reach their 50s, women start to take care of their bodies more, and that involves their diet too. Serve some delicious, healthy meals to your girlfriends, and make it a surprise. Even if you don’t have the time to cook, you can still pull this off. Today, services such as finger food catering are more and more accessible, and they can deliver healthy and tasty food right to your doorstep. They can make gluten free or vegetarian delicacies, healthy snacks and even desserts. Order something with eggs (rich in iron, and vitamin B and D), almonds (full of magnesium and vitamin E) or fish (rich in omega-3). When you present such delicious food to your friends, they will surely be speechless. 

5. Fibre And Menopause 

Whole grains, fruit and veggies rich in fibre can lower your levels of cholesterol and blood glucose, as well as prevent constipation and other health problems that you can get in menopause. These foods are also usually full of antioxidants and low in calories. However, be moderate with fruit. Try not to eat more than two servings a day to avoid taking in too much sugar. 

6. I Yam What I Eat 

Another fantastic food you can implement in your diet is a wild yam. It works as a natural oestrogen supplementation and tends to lessen the harmful effects of low oestrogen levels during menopause. It also helps treat vaginal dryness, weak bones and little sex drive. You can eat the yams whole, cooked or baked, and they are super delicious however you choose to prepare them.
Even though menopause is a complicated and stressful period in every woman’s life thanks to different hormones going crazy and affecting almost every part of your body, you can certainly make it more tolerable by adjusting your diet and eating the right foods. 

Bon appétit! 

Written by: Angela Berry, editor of Ripped Me

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