50 Fabulous Ways To Love Your Partner

50 Fabulous Ways To Love Your Partner

The Beatles sang "All You Need Is Love" and we all watched "Love Actually" and we even read "50 Shades Of Grey"!  We all love to love and being loved.

We often fall in love, then due to other commitments, our poor partner is put aside.  We have careers, children, homes, animals, and other items to look after.  Unfortunately what tends to happen is that we fall out of love for ourselves due to giving so much to others, and then fall out of love with our partners as we lose the friendship.

Often couples are left with a feeling of abandonment and resentment towards each other.  I have witnessed this with couples over the past 10 years of being a therapist.

I have a fabulous relationship with my husband and often we are told we are "lucky".  It hasn't been luck, it has been commitment and communication.  Over the past 25 years together, we have always had our date nights, even if it is a dinner at home together, where we can talk,  We also love planning things together and above all, work on our own self esteem and love.  Most importantly we laugh and play together.  We are best friends and we also do most on the list, including number 50!!!

In the beautiful book, "Chicken Soup For Couples Souls", authors Mark and Chrissy Donnelly have listed the 50 ways to love your partner.  Notice number one is "Love yourself first"!  If you can't love yourself, it is impossible to love anyone else.  So how about reading some of our articles to work on yourself first, then print off this list so you and your partner can start the list together.

1.     Love yourself first

2.     Start each day with a hug

3.     Serve breakfast in bed

4.     Say “I love you” every time you part ways

5.     Compliment freely and often

6.     Appreciate – and celebrate – your differences

7.     Live each day as if it’s your last

8.     Write unexpected love letters

9.     Plant a seed together and nurture it to maturity

10.   Go on a date once every week

11.    Send flowers for no reason

12.   Accept and love each others’ family and friends

13.   Make little signs that say “I love you” and post them all over the house

14.   Stop and smell the roses

15.   Kiss unexpectedly

16.  Seek out beautiful sunsets together

17.  Apologize sincerely

18.  Be forgiving

19.  Remember the day you fell in love – and recreate it

20.  Hold hands

21.  Say “I love you” with your eyes

22.  Let your partner cry in your arms

23.  Tell them you understand

24.  Drink toasts of love and commitment

25.  Do something arousing

26.  Let your partner give you directions when you’re lost

27.  Laugh at their jokes

28.  Appreciate their inner beauty

29.  Do the other person’s chores for a day

30.  Encourage wonderful dreams

31.  Commit a public display of affection

32.  Give loving massages with no strings attached

33.  Start a love journal and record your special moments

34.  Calm each others’ fears

35.  Walk barefoot on the beach together

36.  Ask your partner to marry you again

37.  Say yes

38.  Respect each other

39.  Be your partner’s biggest fan

40.  Give the love your partner wants to receive

41.  Give the love you want to receive

42.  Show interest in the other’s work

43.  Work on a project together

44.  Build a fort with blankets

45.  Swing as high as you can on a swing set by moonlight

46.  Have a picnic indoors on a rainy day

47.  Never go to bed mad

48.  Put your partner first in your thoughts or prayers

49.  Kiss each other goodnight

50.  Sleep like spoons

Life is too short not to live with love.  Enjoy the special moments together.  

Please share to others who love to love.  We thank you for helping us to build a loving community.

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