2 Documentaries On Food That Will Shock Parents

2 Documentaries On Food That Will Shock Parents

Childhood obesity has been a large problem in America for years and now we are seeing an rapid increase in Australia.

One in four Australian children are now obese, with numbers growing.  Obesity in children is a major health concern. Studies have shown that once children become obese they are more likely to stay obese into adulthood and have an increased risk of developing both short and long-term health conditions, such as Type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Australian Institute Of Health And Welfare

Watching the 2 documentaries below was a shock to our whole team.  What shocked us was the lack of common sense, especially with Fed Up.  The parents were relying on "low fat" items to reduce the weight of their children, rather than feeding them healthy meals of fruits and vegetables.  The amount of sugar consumed from these low fat items was disturbing.

1. Fed Up

In the documentary "Fed Up", you will see why childhood obesity is a massive problem.

It was proven that the exercise industry has gone up since the 1970's, but also the weight problems of the population.

What shocked me as a parent was the lack of fresh fruit and vegetables, (often none, other than potatoes) in the children's diet.  Everything fed to these children was processed and the parents believed in the "weight loss" and "low fat" labels and fed their children these products, thinking they were doing the right thing.  The other shocking part for me was watching these children shovelling food down their throats, not even knowing they are eating.

Parents haven't realised that by making products low-fat, the fat is replaced with sugar.  In "Fed Up" you will see an example of what sugar does to the body.  You will be shocked at the daily amount of sugar given to these children.

2. The Kids Menu

In the documentary "The Kids Menu" was inspired by Joe Cross, who nearly died of obesity.  While travelling the world to promote his two previous films on weight, Joe was constantly asked the question about the growing problem of childhood obesity.

In the documentary you will see by Joe meeting up with experts on nutrition, parents, teachers and children that childhood obesity isn't the real issue.  He found it was a symptom of a larger problem, which is the lack of knowledge from the community of what healthy foods are, and the influences of negative role models to the children.

What was wonderful to watch in the documentary was it is the children who often take charge to make healthier choices with foods.

We hope you enjoyed viewing the documentaries.

There are a large range of healthy eating articles in our food section of Cazinc.

Here's to our children being happy, healthy and confident.

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