5 Easy Steps To Confidence

5 Easy Steps To Confidence

No one is born radiating confidence, confidence is a learned behaviour. We are not born leaders, or born comfortable speaking in public, meeting new people easily or making quick decisions.  They are skills learned overtime.

If you are lacking in confidence, please do not feel you are alone.  It has been a proven fact that over half the people you know will be struggling with confidence issues.

It is also a proven fact that the one item successful people have is confidence.  So how can you become more confident?

The first step is by practicing a few easy to do positive actions and applying them into your daily life.



1. Practice Being Confident

As you continue practicing your confidence skills, you’re going to be radiating them everywhere you go.

Confidence is something that can be built over time, but it takes practice.  Practice smiling at people and look them in the eye when you pass them, so when you meet someone new, either in personal or business environment, you can easily say hello, shake hands and look them in the eye positively.  You will eventually build up a presence of self-confidence.

2. Dress For Confidence

You never have a second chance to make a first impression.   Nothing beats knowing you look and feel right in your clothes and shoes, your hair is spot on, makeup is perfect, and everyone is complimenting you.  You exude strong confidence by knowing that you look and feel great.

So how do you know you have it right?  Education is key.  Either hire a personal stylish, or “The Ultimate Style Book” to learn what to wear, what suits you, your personality, colours and body shape.

Try it, it works. The next time you’re having a bad day (or can feel it coming on), change what you are wearing.   When you know you have your outfit right, it makes you feel great. You feel better the moment that you dress in that influence outfit.

3. Replace Worry With A Positive Attitude

The trick is to let go of your worry and focus on what really matters. It’s not as difficult as you may think.  It has been proven that 90% of what we worry about doesn’t happen.

Start by telling yourself that you can do anything that you set forth to do. A positive mental attitude will go far in helping you to exude confidence and build it up.  Stand and walk tall, exuding a positive presence, lift your head high and let the confidence flow.

For every negative thought, be at the ready to have a positive thought at the ready to counteract it. You can do this by simply writing down your negative thoughts in one column and then in the second column put a positive thought. This is a fantastic way to become more confident and realize what you worry about isn’t always important.  Follow your heart, not your head.

4. Start To Step Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Everyone has a comfort zone. It’s a safe place where you feel comfortable and you don’t have to stress about anything.  It is like a teddy bear that we hold onto for comfort.  We can either keep our heads in the sand by surviving each day, trudging along, or step out of your comfort zone to follow your dreams.

Stepping out of your comfort zone is a huge leap forward in helping you to exude confidence. Start slowly. Instead of speaking before a crowd of 5000 people, start with a small group of say 50 people, then work your way up.

As you gain more confidence you’ll be able to step in front of a crowd without hesitation, even if you don’t have a speech prepared and have to wing it.  Meeting people will become a pleasure, not a pain, and something you will enjoy.

The doors will start to open for you.  Your whole level of conversation will change with the presence you are projecting.

Are you ready????   Photo

Are you ready????


When you feel up to it, take a chance on something that you truly want, even if you’re nervous. Remember the first time you rode a bike, or drove a car? Ate with chop sticks or used a computer.  You can do this, it’s all in your perception.

Once you start to believe in yourself, others will see your confidence shine through.

5. Build An Inspiration Board About You

It is time for you to realize what you are great at.  Take a moment and write out 7 to 10 of your attributes.  Read over and add to this list daily, especially when you’re lacking in confidence. It is amazing how reading this list can lift your confidence for the rest of the day or before that huge meeting.

Now start to look for pictures in magazines or the net, of what you are good at, and what your goals are.  Personal, business, finance, holidays, homes, cars, children, the list is endless.  Pin them to a large board that is about you.  Your inspirational Board.  Look at it every day.  It will not only give you confidence, but inspire you to lead the life you want. 

This is what successful people do.  They know what they want and go for it as they have the confidence to do so.

Take the time every day to practice the steps to instill your confidence. Think about how you want to appear to others. Put on a smile, stand tall and portray what you want others to see when they look at you.

As you practice these newfound skills you’ll begin to adapt them to your daily life and before you know it, all of these skills will come naturally to you.

Enjoy the new confident you.  Whether you are looking for a new career, starting a career, or whatever your heart desires, once you have the confidence, you can achieve anything.

Please feel free to share this with other confident women.  Thank you for reading.

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