How To Slim Jackets And Coats

How To Slim Jackets And Coats

Jackets and coats are the biggest investment pieces for your wardrobe.  A great leather jacket (huge this winter again) or coat will last you a lifetime.  Always something we recommend shopping in sales or invest in the best your money can buy.  When you look at the cost per wear, it won't be a huge amount.

They are also the outer layer of winter clothes.  Coats and jackets can look dramatic, and easy to throw over jeans, dresses, skirts and styled with great high or ankle boots for winter.

They can break an outfit, by adding bulk to your figure, so here is how to slim your body wearing jackets and coats.

1. A hip way to dress

Always aim to draw attention away from any figure flaws and put the focus on your gorgeous features.  If you have a large bottom and wide hips, avoid short jackets that cut you off at the waist. Opt for something longer, to mid-thigh to cover the problem area and balance your body, called "illusion dressing", which you can learn more about in "Your Ultimate Style" ebook, here.

2. Avoid Double Breasted

As we mature, and gravity takes control, the best way to slim the spread appearing around our core body is to switch from double breasted to single breasted.  The two side buttons on double-breasted give the illusion of width, whereas single buttons slim by cutting your body in 2 separate halves.

3. Don't Go Too Long

If you are a shorter person, never have your coat length past your knuckles of your hands by your side.  Any longer will make your legs appear shorter, so aim for something knuckle length or shorter.  Layering your items can assist to create a slimmer appearance with your outfit.

4. Buttoning Up Can Add Bulk

Especially if you are broad-shouldered and big busted, look for jackets and coats that have a v-neck and v-shaped, as mandarin collars and buttons that extend right up to your neckline can make you appear bulky and square-shaped.

5. Creating Curves

Create an optical illusion of feminine curves by a coat with a  narrower waist, or pull the coat in with a larger belt.  Select a larger belt because a small belt can make your hips appear larger.  Or choose a jacket with a pulled in waist.  If you are a rectangular shape, this is a great coat or jacket for you to create feminine curves.

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