Which Accessories Are On-Trend?

Which Accessories Are On-Trend?

Accessories play an enormous role with styling an outfit during the colder seasons, especially when we wear darker colours.  In summer, colour and prints can brighten up your look on their own, but during winter with darker items, the quickest way to take an outfit from drab to fab is with accessories.


Sunglasses always make a statement.  This is why we see so many celebrities wearing them in the dark!   Autumn/Winter is also not just about wearing sunglasses which keep the sun out of your eyes, it's really about making a fashion statement Spring/Summer was all about the aviators and the cat eye. Key changes to look out for are the new butterfly shape. This is a really glamorous shape in eye wear.

If you are after something more of a classic style, look out for these stunning tortoise shell frames.

Rose gold has remained in vogue also this season, carried on from summer.


Scarves are always enormous for Autumn/Winter and pair with almost any outfit, oh and they keep you warm!  Leopard print and florals are the main prints this season, and plain styles always stay on-trend.


One of the must haves this season is the snood.  This one from Luxe Fashion Studio is brilliant, and I guarantee you will wear with most knits. Purchase here


Great for travelling, or to throw into your bag for any occasion, wraps are the perfect way to stay snuggled, stay toasty warm and look amazing.  A must have accessory for winter.  We love this merino wrap from Sassind.  So warm, our favourite.  Purchase here.


Move over skinny belt as we have had you on trend for many years.  We are travelling back to the waist cinching wide belt, which is fabulous for a triangular or rectangle shape and hourglass figures.


For all shoe lovers, there has been exciting news on shoes this season.  They have become the glam accessory, the stand out item for most styles.  A great way to add a touch of pizazz to your style.  As we reviewed, we are seeing gorgeous velvet, brocade embroidery – mainly in florals, croc ankle boots, and metallic is massive this season. 

The other key element to note for AW17 shoes is over the knee, thigh-high boot. We have seen them in previous seasons but it's really coming to its forepart this season. Everyone who's anyone really needs to embrace over the knee or thigh-high boot and if you aren't someone with long, skinny legs you can also layer this under the midi-skirt. Not everyone needs to see the top of the boot to be fashionable but it just helps really helps elongate a profile and really modernise your outfit.  Mollini shoes have a huge range for winter.



Leopard print has made a huge statement again here, but in terms of shape, the bucket bag is definitely the one to choose. A much smaller, more compact and petite and then the half-moon shape is also another key bag shape for this season, compared to the larger styles in summer. 


AW17 necklaces are all about glamour, with big, bold statement jewel necklaces. Pull out from the back of your wardrobe to wear again this season, or look for new styles to add instant glam.

When wearing a plunging neckline, the choker is a great look and has made a big comeback this season.  A great way to show off a long, lean neck, but avoid if your neck is short and wide.  Look for lengthening styles.

There are lots of exciting things to look out for in the world of accessories when you go on your shopping trips.  There is something for each of you to incorporate into your wardrobes for a bit of an update this season.

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