What is the #1 Fashion Faux Pas?

What is the #1 Fashion Faux Pas?

Most women love looking stylish.  Love walking confidently down the street knowing they own their outfit.

How long do you spend shopping, reading blog articles and magazines on fashion, perusing books on how to style your own body and personality, or watching Sex And The City?  When you think about it, even with our active wear, most women do put a huge amount of time, effort and cost into their outer layers.

There are many faux pas with fashion, including holes in clothes, sizing and scuffed or dirty shoes to name a few, but what is the #1 fashion faux pas?

The appearance of tags, shoulder ribbons and extra cotton on coats (for sale purposes only) are the biggest fashion faux pas.  They are the #1 way to ruin an amazing outfit.

So what is the solution?

It is simple.  

Keep a pair of scissors in your wardrobe.

When you purchase an item, when removing the shop tags, also remove the sizing tag, the shoulder ribbons and with a coat, the stitching on the back and sleeves.  

To remove the annoying tags off scarves without ruining your scarf, use tweezer scissors, or unpicking scissors purchased from a sewing or patchwork shop.  They do the trick nicely.

So please don't be that girl in great gym gear up the front of the spin class everyone is looking at because her tag is hanging out, or the woman wearing a gorgeous evening dress, but the only thing everyone notices is the shoulder ribbons.  Grab your scissors and put them to work.

We hope you enjoyed this fun article.

What are your fashion faux pas?  Do you remove tags from your clothes?  We would love to hear from you.

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“Life is too short not to look and feel fabulous, everyday”……..Carolyn Rowland

Please feel free to pass this article onto other stylish women.

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