My Son Is Gay & That's Ok.

My Son Is Gay & That's Ok.

As we have previously stated, being a mum is the hardest, most judged and most enjoyable career you can have.  But what happens when you come to a hurdle, knowing your child is different, and how to accept and encourage your child?  

We all met and fell in love with gorgeous Jacob, the 19 year old superstar make-up artist that is setting the world on fire.  Jacob was raised by an Italian family and I had the pleasure of meeting with Jacob and his mum, the gorgeous, funny and kind, Ange.

Jacob and Ange

Jacob and Ange

The warmth and love I picked up between the two was incredible.  We laughed and cried during this interview, but these two are so close they finish each other's sentences.  I know a huge part of Jacob's success comes from the unconditional love he receives from his family.

What is the "norm" when raising children?  Do we still expect them to "fit the mold"?

Ange said she suspected her youngest of 2 sons was gay, especially when he was playing with Brats dolls at five years old, and wearing her high heels at 6!  But seriously, Ange was able to listen to Jacob, especially when it came to schooling.

Jacobs family have all attended a boys school for generations.  After one term, Jacob's confidence hit an all-time low.  He became anxious, vomiting before school and in every bin on the way into the school.   He was an absolute mess.

Luckily Ange saw he was different, he needed a co-ed school and gradually settled Jacob in, which took time and patience.  She used the excuse to check out his locker so she could walk him in each day.  Jacob started attending just 1-2 periods, they talked a lot and became a team, which is evident today, so eventually, Jacob could go to school again, confidently.

He is my son and I love him. This is the way he is. He didn’t choose this.
— Ange

The response from Ange when Jacob came out when he was 14 was priceless.  She said, "Let's see how it goes as there is a lot of emotion going on and let's talk about it when you are 16".  They laugh about this now.  But that is what they did.

Ange has no problems with Jacob being gay, or for wearing makeup, (she helps him go to Spotlight to pick out all the backdrops for his images, gorgeous!).  Although Ange did say for the first moment, the first 5 seconds, she felt a loss.  A loss of missing out with grandchildren, marriage and even a daughter in law.  But this was all ego.  She said how she felt was more for Jacob, because they had been through so much with his school, she knew there would be even bigger hurdles to jump over.

But kids are kids, and with all things, Ange said over time everything has worked out well, and time has healed many wounds, especially with school.  Jacob ended up finishing school and now has a hugely successful career, which you can read about here.


What came out loud and clear in this interview was this isn't a decision Jacob made, this is who he is.  Acceptance and happiness are paramount to Ange.  Jacob's family, especially his Dad doesn't have a problem with Jacob being different.  His Dad is extremely proud of Jacob.  Although the elderly grandparents have never discussed with Jacob being gay, they accept Jacob and see talent with his makeup skills.  Which is a pure talent, it is art.

So by loving their child unconditionally for who he is, and not trying to shape him into something of the norm, they have a beautiful, loving son who has gone on to be an amazing artist.

I feel so blessed to have the pleasure of meeting this lovely mum, and hope helps all mothers to understand when their child is different.

Cheers to all the kind, loving and understanding parents out there.  May we guide our children to have confidence, and enable them to go forward to do what the love, and become successful their way.

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