The 6 Reasons To Use A Mortgage Broker

The 6 Reasons To Use A Mortgage Broker

Why should you be using a professional mortgage broker?  

The simple answer is, they make your life easier – much easier, whether its for your next home, a refinance to save money or to buy an investment property an experienced mortgage broker gives you many more options than what just one lender could.

Personally, Simon and I have managed to save thousands of dollars over the years with our investments using an experienced mortgage broker, and we can sleep easy knowing our mortgage loans are nurtured by an expert.

Mortgage brokers now write over 50% of all home loans in Australia, and the number of people using a broker each year continues to increase to increase.

I recently spoke with Clinton Waters from AXTON Finance, Melbourne.  They are mortgage and credit experts who provide professional advice with a suitable lending solution. 

Given that your home loan is probably the biggest expense you will ever have, it will definitely pay to get professional assistance and advice.

Clinton gave me the top 6 reasons why to use AXTON Finance as your mortgage brokers:

  1. Experienced loan specialists offering over 25 major lenders
  2. Industry recognised qualifications,  
  3. Fair, ethical and professional service,  
  4. We build relationships not transactions (just google AXTON Finance to see for yourself)
  5. Sophisticated software, a paperless office and strong support through the whole process to give you confidence, 
  6. The banks remunerate us; it doesn't cost you anything extra to use our services.

As your licensed mortgage brokers, they save you time, effort and money in selecting a suitable home, investment or commercial loan. 

They assist you to avoid taking out a loan you might later regret and list all the fees and charges that may become payable at settlement. 

As your mortgage broker, they take the time to discuss your needs and circumstances with you and have access to hundreds of loan products from many different lenders, including major banks, smaller banks, credit unions and other lenders. By assessing your circumstances and financial situation they will be sure to choose the most suitable lending product tailored to your needs.

One major item we love is our mortgage broker provides us with a free mortgage ‘health check’ every 2 years, which has kept our current lender on their toes, reduced our repayments, saved us a great deal of money, and they do all the work!

So if you are looking to refinance, purchase your first home, or to start investing in the property market, please speak to a professional mortgage broker first.  It won’t cost you a cent, and you will gain a wealth of knowledge.

Please share with anyone looking to purchase a new home, or anyone with a mortgage.

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