The Top 10 Books To Be Released This Year

The Top 10 Books To Be Released This Year

The Leading Edge Independent Booksellers Conference is an annual event for Aussie indie booksellers to gather together, share ideas and hear authors talk about their upcoming releases. Natasha Boyd, (see below), from Book Bonding, has kindly written her top 10 picks to add to your to be read pile.  With so many great titles on offer, it was a tough choice.

The Dry - Jane Harper  Also one of Cazinc's fav's from 2016 

The Dry - Jane Harper

Also one of Cazinc's fav's from 2016 

1. The Dry 

Written by Jane Harpers New Novel, (sequel to The Dry)

Was awesome to meet Jane Harper again having met her two years ago in Byron Bay at the Writer's Festival.  Her debut novel The Dry won the Indie Bookseller Book of the Year award and even better was news that there would be a sequel, as yet untitled - expected to be a November release. The setting this time is with a corporate trip in bushland where a woman known to Falk goes missing.

2. First Person

Written by Richard Flanagan

Richard Flanagan of Narrow Road to the Deep North fame, will release his new novel First Person about a man inventing himself is out October, from Penguin Random House.  

3. Wimmera

Written by Mark Brandi

Mark Brandi used his family country pub background & his 3 older brothers being in crime enforcement jobs to inform literary crime novel Wimmera - for fans of The Dry, this one is out in July through Hachette. 

4. See What I Have Done

Written by Sarah Schmidt

Out this month through Hachette, and my current read is Sarah Schmidt's unsettling historical crime novel See What I Have Done. Based on a true story from 1982 where Lizzie Borden was accused, tried and acquitted of the violent murder of her parents. Told in multiple voices, this is a compelling, original and extremely well written debut novel. Sarah actually shared with us how her story was inspired by a random incident in a bookstore 11 years ago and a visit from a ghost (Lizzie) that night. Spooky!

5. Dark Lake

Written by Sarah Bailey

Sarah Bailey's Dark Lake is tipped to be the NBT (next big thing). Local policewoman Detective Sergeant Gemma Woodstock investigates murder of a young school teacher in a small town. This is an addictive crime thriller, a mesmerising account of one woman's descent into deceit and madness, and a stunning debut that is already causing a stir around the world and has already sold to the US for a high six figure deal. Out July through Allen and Unwin. For fans of Girl on a Train.   

6. The Twentieth Man

Written by Tony Jones

Bombs going off on grand final day in Sydney 1972 is basis of Tony Jones' novel The Twentieth Man, out August, released by Allen & Unwin Books.  Based on series of real terror events it then fictionalises the situation because in reality the suspected Croatian bombers were never caught. The lead protagonist is Uni paper journalist Anna on the hunt for the bombers & others plotting an assassination attempt. At same time the funny yet interesting Maron crosses her path and gets involved in the search. It intriguingly explores the psychology who would do this and why and perhaps why Asio and other law enforcement would not go harder on manhunt? Fascinating novel that will be appreciated of political thriller readers, Q&A fans and readers who want something originally Australian. Tony says think Day of Jackal meets West Wing.

7.  Sagaland 

Written by Richard Fidler and Kari Gislason

I learnt so much about Icelandic culture and saga stories from Richard Fidler and Kari Gislason who have co-authored Sagaland - fascinating stories of Viking settlers dating back to 10th century and Kari's own search to see if he was related to one of Iceland's greatest literary storytellers. Book out November through Harper Collins (book is extension of the ABC Conversations podcast from early last year).

8.  After 

Written by Nikki Gemmell 

Nikki Gemmell's memoir "After" is about her relationship with her mother, and dealing with her suicide in 2015. Her words and reading earlier today really moved me. It is out this April through Harper Collins. 


9. A Balcony Over Jerusalem 

Written by John Lyon

Journalist John Lyon's memoir "A Balcony over Jerusalem" covers his 6 years living there with his family and covering the conflicts from a more personal suburban level. Usually, to be honest, my eyes glaze over at the mention of the Arab-Israeli conflict but John made it so easy to think about and understand. Fascinating book and stories. Out August through Harper Collins



10. A Garden Apothecary 

Written by Reece Carter

Naturopath Reece Carter is very passionate about helping people get the most out of their gardens to use for natural remedies. Plus, we got a free sample of his Skin Repair Body Cream which is really gorgeous & awesome recipe for Maca-Macadamia Choc Bark which is guaranteed to bust a bad mood - cannot wait to make this! The Garden Apothecary is out July thru Harlequin.


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Natasha and Mark from Book Bonding

Natasha and Mark from Book Bonding

As an ex-secondary school teacher of 11 years and now the co-owner of Book Bonding Independent Bookstore for the past 10 years, Natasha Boyd loves sharing her passion for books with a range of customers. Her focus has always been on providing good quality reading for children and teens both in store and direct to schools, as well as putting engaging fiction and non-fiction books into the hands of adults. For Natasha, the best thing about reading is escaping to another world, learning something new or discussing ideas and writing with other passionate readers which has been fulfilled through running four literary book clubs, two foodie’s groups and running special authors events. Natasha and her husband Mark moved to Gisborne just over four years ago, and opened their second store in the township soon after. Commuting between the two stores, (the other in Essendon), created the opportunity to get addicted to audio books and double her reading! She also contributes a monthly book article to the local paper, Gisborne Gazette. Natasha's other passions when she is not reading are theatre, travel, collecting teapots and spending time with her two gorgeous fur babies, Jasper and Chobe.


Natasha's Fur Babies 

Natasha's Fur Babies 

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