5 Reasons To Use A Travel Agent

5 Reasons To Use A Travel Agent

Winter is coming!!!  Why not plan to escape the cold now, rather than wait until you are an iceberg and it’s too late?

So why use a travel agent you may ask?

When planning your holiday, without a Travel agent you’re on your own, and who has the time, and energy to research not only your airfares, hotels and tours, but the most important investment when travelling, your insurance, when your Travel Agent has the know-how and will do the work for you? 

Contrary to popular belief, a travel agent won't always cost more. In fact, it is possible you will pay less than booking a holiday yourself because agents might be aware of promotional offers and occasionally have access to exclusive deals.

If you are travelling to an unfamiliar place, or have a complicated trip with various people involved, expert advice may be required.

Photo: The Crazy Tourist, Pinterest

Photo: The Crazy Tourist, Pinterest

Recently I booked a trip to Italy for Simon and I later this year.  The travel agent made the whole experience pleasurable and fun.  They asked all the correct questions, finding out the reasons we are travelling, where we would like to go, recommended other places to see and do, and have taken all the guess work out of our holiday. 

Another reason I personally won’t travel overseas without using a travel agent is they have the knowledge of the insurances and visas required, and they are on hand if anything goes wrong, providing peace of mind when travelling.

I interviewed Rowena and Rose, from Triple R travel.  They have over 26 years of experience each in the industry, so I asked them to advice our Cazinc readers on why use a travel agent?

Rowena and Rose said the top 5 reasons to use a travel agent are:

1.     Invaluable expert travel knowledge & advice

2.     Trustworthy point of contact, especially in case of emergencies

3.     Save money & time, with promotional offers

4.     Discuss your travel plans with a real person

5.     Extensive contacts & resources worldwide

So now you know you can travel safe, having security in your back pocket, your travel agents details.

We also loved this article and wanted to share:

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Where are you travelling to this year?  Please share on the comments section.

Contact Triple R Travel for more information.





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