Is There A Reason We Are Addicted To Reality TV?

Is There A Reason We Are Addicted To Reality TV?

Even if you personally don’t watch reality tv, it is becoming increasingly hard to avoid.  It is everywhere we turn, not only on the television, but in the magazines, all over social media, and it has become the number one topic with co-workers and friends.  We fall in love with the short-term celebrities, and often have a strong opinion on them.  

Reality tv originated in America in the 1990’s, and Australia was quick to catch on.  Reading an article published in 2001 at Psychology Today, the finale of Survivor exceeded the ratings of the super bowl, and their Big Brother program aired 24/7.

Personally, I have never been a reality tv viewer. Even though I love to cook, I never watched My Kitchen Rules, or Masterchef.  My friends spoke about Big Brother for years, and I was on the outer at the coffee shop and didn’t know what they were talking about.  Survivor has been one I did watch, as my family was totally addicted, The Voice had me for a season, but Married At First Sight has me hooked, line and sinker, 3 seasons on.

While watching this show, I metamorphosed into an opinionated monster, full of emotions and frustration, thinking I am Gogglebox, and everything in our lives was on hold while the show aired.

This season in particular, due to changes in the format, has been like pulling teeth.

The show was completely repetitive, but I keep watching.  They had an experiment within an experiment, Urgh!  The patronising way the “experts” spoke, OMG.  This is before we even start on the “boy’s night”.

There is a list of annoyances while viewing, so what is the reason we keep tuning in?

1.    Is it the competition of the show? 

Most of us love a little competition, whether it is who will the Bachelor pick, who will win The Voice or Australian Idol, lose the most weight The Biggest Loser, dance the best on So You Think You Can Dance, cook the best on Masterchef, or build the best on The Block?  It is like a tidal wave of emotions, we ride the highs and lows with each person, the ones we love, (don’t cross them), and the ones we like not to love.


2.    Is it the glamour?

Do you love the glamour life of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”?  A lifestyle of private jets, make-up artists, spending on fashion in one day that most of us would in a lifestyle. 

3.    Is it the drama?

Who doesn’t love a good cry?  Tissues were a must last night when Nadia broke her heart over her breakup with Anthony on Married At First Sight.  Do you love the drama when someone achieves the most outstanding meal, or have tears when they err?  When The Voice contestant you love is suddenly not selected, the drama of the exit with the cuddles of coaches promising them a career?


No matter what it is, reality tv is here to stay.  I hope you enjoyed this light-hearted article, had a few laughs, and related to “morphing into a monster”.

We would love to start a fun forum below, with your comments on why you love reality tv, which shows in particular, and why.

In the meantime, I need to work out what it is like to have a real life now that MAFS is over!  My husband Simon has already said no to The Voice!!!



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