10 Things We Love About The 80's

10 Things We Love About The 80's

The 80’s were fabulous, and we were fabulous!  The 80’s were a time of shoulder pads, power suits, fabulous music, aerobics, blue eyeshadow, big hairstyles and for the guy's, tight footy shorts and mullets.  It was the decade of all decade’s, and when my children laugh at my 80’s styles, I remind them that they have never lived because they didn’t live in the 80’s. 

Here are 10 things we at Cazinc loved about the 80’s

1.     Hairstyles

The 80’s is known for many glamour, or horrendous hairstyles. 

Hair was big, huge, and I mean we had it sitting in, out and around.

How many of you had “The Perm from Hell”?  My gorgeous, and very funny friend Tracey had us in stiches recently when telling a story about how she had “the horror perm” before going overseas, and how she had to wear a beanie on her head every night to flatten it down.

I tell my kids about the tipping cap for our highlights.  Remember when we had to wear a swimming cap, full of holes, and our hair was pulled out with crochet hooks?

Photo      Even SJP had the perm.

Photo     Even SJP had the perm.

2.     Music

80’s music was, and still is the best.  How many of you can walk, (maybe moon walk?), into a room and not remember why you walked in there, but can sing to a song you haven’t heard for 30 years?  That is because the music was so memorable and changed our lives.

Michael Jackson’s thriller album was brilliant.  An unforgettable moment was when Michael performed Billy Jean at the Mowtown special?

Madonna, Cindy Lauper, INXS, AHA, Dead or Alive, Kiss, Simple Minds, Queen, David Bowie, Joan Jett, Wham, the list is endless.  We danced on the ceiling with Lionel Ritchie, and stood out in the purple rain with Prince.  

When Boy George with Culture Club came out to sing Kharma Chameleon, we all became chameleons, as he was a huge influence on women’s fashion from the 80’s.

Girl bands emerged in the 80’s – The Go Go’s, Bananarama, The Bangles and Salt-n-Pepa.

We hung out in record shops, such as Virgin records.

Did you save up for your records, only to scratch them?  Then came out the tapes and we thought it was brilliant, until they got stuck in our car radios.  Who made a mixed tape up for their friends?

3.     TV Shows

Following on from music, Saturday mornings were full of music with Unlimited, hosted by Donnie Sutherland, and Sunday nights, who could miss Countdown?

American TV shows were huge, with sitcoms such as Alf, The Cosby Show, The Wonder Years, Knight Rider, and who can forget Michael J Fox in Family Ties?

TV shows influenced fashion.  Power dressing in monochrome became popular in the 80’s, thanks to tv shows like Dynasty, starring Joan Collins, and how can we forget the white suit and t-shirt of Don Johnson in Miami Vice?

4.     Movies

There are so many classic movies to remember from the 80’s, many with classic lines like “nobody put's baby in the corner” and “who are you going to call?”

We all wanted to wag school after Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, go back in time with Back To The Future, and fight like a Ninja Turtle.

We all fell in love with The Breakfast Club, especially with the hit single from Simple Minds, Don’t You Forget About Me. 

The 80’s was a time when we were in love with Tom Cruise and thought he was cool, starring in movies such as Risky Business, Top Gun, The Outsiders, The Colour Of Money, Legend, Cocktail and Rainman.

5.     Aerobics

We had a new way to exercise in the 80’s.  We learnt to exercise to music with Aerobics, and we also learnt to be over enthusiastic, encouraging and “wooing”!  But we had so much fun.

Jane Fonda’s aerobic videos were all the rage, and in Australia, Oz Aerobics, starring the one and only (and my beautiful friend) Wendi Carrol was one parents tuned into, before the kids watched “Cheez TV”.

What we loved the most from the aerobics days was the outrageous fashion.  We accessorised to the max with legwarmers, headbands, sweatbands.  I am surprised after all the effort in dressing, we had the energy to actually attend the class.

6.     Make-Up

Ok, so we didn’t have an internet full of make-up tutorials, showing us how to highlight, contour and blend.  We had role models like Cindy Lauper and Boy George for inspiration. 

Colour was the look of the day, especially blue, green and pink eyeshadow, (and even better when co-ordinated in 3 stripes across your eye), and pink blusher plunged across our cheeks.  And then the lipstick!  Mix all this with our big hair and we were faaaaaaabulous!

Guess what kids - they have finally caught up with videos and making 80's makeup tutorials!

7.     Fashion

Already mentioned was the power suits with huge shoulder pads, which were the only monochrome we saw.  Everything was bright colours, to match our makeup.

So bright, in fact, we were lit up like a neon rainbow, and we loved it.  If we thought something was cool, it was even cooler in neon.

We were introduced to shell suits, which were a shiny and garish 80’s tracksuit, scrunchies, fingerless gloves, (thanks to Madonna), the one glove and red jacket, (thanks to Michael Jackson), stick on earrings, converse runners, swatch watches and bangles. 

8.     The Rubix Cube

When this impossible, soul destroying little toy came on the market, the only way to put it back together was to pull it apart and put back together, or rip the stickers off and reapply.  Unless your name is Paul Thompson, aka, my brother, who was known for his skills at putting the cube back together, and kids lined up at school for Paul to fix their Rubix Cube

9.     Cabbage Patch Kids

Move over baby alive, there were new kids on the block.  Do you remember your first cabbage patch doll?  They were the dolls we could adopt, and the craze was huge and created pandemoneium with parents racing to purchase one.

if you google them, they are still huge today.

10.  Kylie and Jason

How could I finish without mentioning Kylie and Jason on Neighbors.  The episode when the wedding, also starring Craig McLaughlin, Guy Pearce and Annie Jones, with Angry Anderson belting out Suddenly, in the background. 

How we fell in love with them.  We look back now and question why, but we did.  They were huge and neighbors is still on air, over 30 years later.


Man oh man, we didn’t think we were cool, we were cool!  The Wedding Singer movie is such a winner because it sums up all our 80’s loves.

We hope you liked ours, and we would love for you to share some of yours in the comments below.

Thank you for reading and your support.  Please feel free to pass this article onto someone you know who loved the 80's also. or your kids who missed out!







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