How To Save Time and Money In Your Wardrobe?

How To Save Time and Money In Your Wardrobe?

A wonderful way to making your life easier when it comes to knowing what you need to purchase to achieve an effective wardrobe of clothes is creating wardrobe capsules, which are a mini wardrobe, made up of versatile pieces that you love to wear.  

Wardrobe capsules are small groups or items that you can piece together to form outstanding outfits, and they become the core of your wardrobe.  For example, nine pieces of well-coordinated items can give you up to twenty outfits.  By adding another five pieces, up to forty outfits may be created.

Classic Styles are great for your capsule wardrobe.   Photo

Classic Styles are great for your capsule wardrobe.


If you follow my daily styles on pinterest, you will see that I have a few basic core items, such as jeans and tees or a shirt, then add to them with accessories, jackets, jumpers, etc. to make different capsule outfits.

By creating a capsule wardrobe, it not only assists you to looking fabulous and stylish everyday, it also assists you to project the right image for your career and lifestyle, makes packing for holidays easier,  gives you more time everyday on a budget!

So how do you create your own wardrobe capsules?  Here are some great tips to assist you:

First ask yourself “What core wardrobe would you like to create – casual or career?”  My personal wardrobe  was career, now it is more casual based, so all the career clothes sat there until I sold them or gave away.  They took up room, unloved, and didn't work for me anymore.  So this is an important question, and be honest.  If your answer is both casual and career, then try sectioning off your wardrobe into 2 separate parts.  This will make life easier for you when deciding what to wear.

Select three or four of your Primary Colours, such as brown, camel, grey, navy, black, white or charcoal.  Primary colours are colours you will base your wardrobe around, your core wardrobe.

Photo    Chosen colours are based around grey, white and black.


Chosen colours are based around grey, white and black.

Select an item you would like to begin with, pants, skirt, dress or jacket. 

Decide on a companion item of clothing to go with your first selection, to create the greater part of your outfit, then select either a top, jumper, cardigan or jacket in one of your secondary colours from your swatch to enhance your final look. 

Now look in the mirror to ensure you are well proportioned with your selection and decide on what colours and items you require, completing your outfit with accessories. 

Wardrobe Capsule 2.png

Change accessories with the same outfit to create many different styles and outfits.  Accessories can include shoes, scarves, necklaces, bags, briefcases, earrings, ties, belts and stockings.

As you can see in the photos above, this procedure can be repeated to create many different looks and outfits from your wardrobe.  Make sure you are creating the look you desire and keep using the same core items from your own wardrobe.

When shopping, look for extra pieces to add to your main core wardrobe items.  Extra pieces can include extra tops, jumpers, pants, jackets, coats and vests.  Look for items in different hues to really spice up your capsule wardrobe colours.  Then keep creating new capsule looks.

When starting a second capsule with your wardrobe, co-ordinate your new items with at least half the items in your first capsule wardrobe by purchasing items carefully so they can be worn together to give you more to choose from, for less expense.

Wardrobe capsules guarantee your wardrobe will start to work for you, easily and effortlessly.

Great places to shop for your wardrobe capsules are:

Ezibuy - with over 35 brands available, there are many core items at a great price, (see below).

Check out our "3 Reasons We Love Witchery" for some great ideas for your capsule wardrobe.

Sassind has amazing core items for your wardrobe.  Luxurious and affordable.

"Your Ultimate Style" eBook - written by our style guru, Carolyn Rowland will be available to purchase online.  Carolyn has included everything she taught her clients, so you will learn your own colours, body shape, personal style, how to shop and put together an amazing wardrobe, one that works for you.  This book contains everything you need to know about your own style.  

What are your favourite capsules in your wardrobe?


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