How to “Keep Your Partner Happy, Amidst Your Blush”

How to “Keep Your Partner Happy, Amidst Your Blush”

Written By Fiona Blohm


Pink is the in vogue colour at the moment, not only in the world of fashion, but also interiors.  From soft rose quartz to the brightest of flamingo pink and muted blush tones.

Let’s face it, most women love a little pink in some way or another, although some may deny this, trying to avoid the girly stereotypical type labels, but pink is edgy enough in the world of Interior Design, and however, deep down inside most of us embrace it in one way or another.

Personally, over the years, I have had my own love hate relationship with pink, but not anymore. 


I am loving pink making, (yet again), another appearance this season, in the way of accessories, such as cushions, art, and lamps.

The big question is, “how can we apply the colour of love to our homes without threatening our partners’ manhood?!?”  Is it enough to simply inform your man that pink can radiate strong feelings of passion and love when used in the world of interiors?

Also, Feng Shui masters predict that pink can do wonders for couples in the bedroom...hmmmm, not sure if this will work either?

The colour pink is the colour of universal love of oneself and of others

The key to infusing feminine hues to your space, whilst taking into account his feelings is a simple process, we call balance and compromise. 

By combining feminine hues with masculine elements, such as black metal accents, wood, concrete, stone and earthy tones.  The best part is, they all harmonize brilliantly with blush, a perfect marriage really.

You will notice in the photos, only delicate pop of blush pink used throughout hardened spaces such as with the use of-:

  • Bold black focal point wall art
  • Heavy industrial type furniture 
  • Tanned leather sofas
  • Dark upholstered bed heads and charcoal linens

Using such items will draw the eye away from the use of pink, although we'll always know pink takes centre stage in our hearts.

Like when you walk in after having a haircut, your partner probably won't even notice the charming pink occasional chair sitting in the corner of the room, or the musky pink Mongolian throw draping over the sofa, to balance the space with stronger elements and tones.

You could also choose a not so 'lived in' space to have your touch of pink.

Select a lonely nook, or a hallway stand, which are a fabulous way to add an eclectic piece to your home, no doubt adding interest to a dull space.

Comparable to what accessories are to your wardrobe, pink will be the avant-garde to styling your home.

May the blush crush live on in our hearts and in our homes!

Cheers to that Ladies, (with a glass of French Champagne in hand of course).

Fiona Blohm, the owner of Visual Addict, Essendon, and interior stylist.

Please contact Carolyn at if you would like Fiona’s details.

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