AW 17 - How Active Wear Became Street Wear?

AW 17 - How Active Wear Became Street Wear?

Long gone are the days of working out in an old t-shirt and shorts, or the glam of the 80’s with the “Let’s Get Physical” look of G-string leotards, head-bands and leggings. 



Women’s sports clothing, or “active wear” has become as stylish as your workout.  Whether you are attending a gym, spinning, lifting weights, or wellbeing with palates and yoga, walking and running, or being the groovy mum at school drop off, your gear now can be as stylish as your workout. 

Photo  - Jessica Alba

Photo - Jessica Alba

Owning active wear that makes you feel amazing will entice you to attend the gym, a Pilates or yoga class, or inspire you to walk instead of driving.

You can add a touch of high fashion, mixed with street wear to your wardrobe, with the right gear.  Embrace the street chic, with bomber jackets, hoodies, and white, bright or black sneakers for the most comfortable fashion trend yet.

Photo  - Miranda Kerr

Photo - Miranda Kerr

Channel the latest pattern trends to revamp your running tights with some patterned leggings.  Match them with a racer back vest top, black or white sneakers, and you'll have a stand out look that'll take you further than your workouts. Mix this look with a stylish bomber jacket, or hoodie, or a jumper and jacket for a modest and in vogue street style.

We recommend to make a list of what you already own, and work out what you require before shopping, so before you put on your best active wear to hit the streets, grab a juice or smoothie, and check out the websites below for some inspiration. 

Try mixing your wardrobe with low end and high end items, so here are a few brands to check out and give you a stylish “active wear” look for the gym and streets, that won’t break the bank.  We have also sourced some “eco” friendly brands, and a fuller figure.

K-mart is always fabulous places to start, especially with their racer back tops, which are extremely comfortable, starting at $8.00, zip through hoodies and spray jackets for $20.00.  Colours are black and grey.



Target has a great range, similar to K-mart, but with a larger selection of colours.  Their tank tops ($12.00) are a personal favourite of mine.


Cotton On Body is a casual wear chain from Cotton On Clothing.  They have workout must-have gear, from on trend patterned tights, this season’s pastel tanks and crop tops, to their premium, high style, high performance pieces. 


Alas the Label has branched out from sleepwear to active wear and is made from entirely sustainable materials, including an organic stretch cotton, and a recycled PET fabric, woven with 17 per cent elastane for flexibility and support.


Birdie Cashmere is active wear with a twist.  Made from a cotton/cashmere blend, the gym-appropriate items are ultralight and breathable.  The unique proportion of natural fibres are designed to keep you cool during your session, and surprisingly warm afterwards.

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Yogi Peace Club is a label designed exclusively, as the name represents, for yoga.  The label offers vibrant, tropical themed yoga wear, and accessories.


Doyoueven is another tropical themed active wear brand, showcasing “The Jungle Collection”, or alternatively the “CompFit Supernovas” are comfy compression tights with reflective panels.

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If you are a curvier figure, Bravura Sydney is the place to check out.  This label specialises in extra support, sleek cut designs, with bold prints.  They favour local materials, such as Supplex Lycra, combined with Combed Cotton Lycra, to limit shrinkage and fading, and increase breathability and durability.

Sonsee active wear are a strong. Seamless and flattering for the fuller figure.  Leggings are structured with higher waist, and tank tops are designed to be comfortable for a bigger bust.  Many of our clients have loved this label.  Sizes are 14 – 28.


Other brands to check out are:




More inspiration?  Check out more styles at Cazinc Pinterest

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