How To Be Green And Growing and Not Ripe And Rotting?

How To Be Green And Growing and Not Ripe And Rotting?

Do you need to find out who you are?   If so, this is what we need to find out - your purpose.

Your purpose is to be you.

Our purpose is to gravitate to what makes us feel great, our values.  Values are our emotional state that we want to experience on a consistent basis.  Things that make us grow and feel incredible, whether it is running, eating healthy, reading an article or going to a course, catching up with family or friends.  

Your purpose is doing what you love as often as you can.

Like us at Cazinc, making a difference to other people may be your purpose.  By you being you, and your growth, you become an inspiration to others.  You don’t know the difference you are making.

You could be walking down the street, feeling fabulous, looking fit and healthy and you could be inspirational to someone across the road.

You become happy, fun, fit and healthy because you are being who you want to be and delivering your purpose unconsciously.

Your purpose is to immerse completely in everything you are doing, the thing you are doing right now.  This could be folding the washing, reading to your child or answering emails.  It is being immersed in the process, being present.

You being you, being aligned with what makes you feel good, then you become aligned with your values.

Become immersed and enjoy the experience, in the process.  And this is how you find your purpose.  It is this simple.

So how to do this, become you?

I am a being who is learning to align with what makes me shine and feel good.

Not to be performing unresourceful actions, like procrastination, self-doubt and insecurities.

Don’t overcomplicate what your purpose is.  Dream big and live your dreams.  Yes, there will be “stuff” that gets in the way, but if you can do what makes your heart sing, whether it is holding a sign and making everyone safe, like my beautiful “lolly pop” friend, Ivan, or singing in the shower. Make your heart sing, and often.

How do you find your purpose?

Be you – that is it.

Discover who you are
Unveil your values
Be aligned with what brings joy to your heart
Do what makes you happy

I love to have fun; this is my purpose.  I love to have fun, and having fun, like creating inspirational articles for the blog, hanging out with my family and friends, eating delicious food, makes me live.

My values in life are all in the f's:


Which all create my number one purpose in life, which is love.

Immerse in actions that brings joy to your heart, especially when there is a challenge involved; this is where your growth starts.  This is why I align my life around my values as often as possible.

Then I action my values around what I love to do, read, travel, watch Art-house movies and theatre, create beautiful meals,, enjoy beautiful wines and of course, champagne. 

Please keep it simple.  To take time out to experience what you value in life.

And please remember:

“Be Green And Growing, Not Ripe And Rotting.”

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