Which 5 Superfoods Are Here To Stay For 2018?

Which 5 Superfoods Are Here To Stay For 2018?


The health and wellness industry is arguably one of the most vulnerable to myths (thanks to the general, substandard science behind a large number of studies).  As a result, evaluating which "superfoods," diet plans, and workouts are legitimate and worth investing your time and money into can be difficult. 

Over the years (and please be honest) how many times have you changed your diet plan?  Or your workout?  Or picked up a magazine to read the latest way Kim KW has lost 10 kilos in 4 weeks?  No wonder we are perplexed by the industry.

To help put us at ease (and to stop the fad diets), Kind has appointed its network of 740 registered and practicing dietitians and nutrition experts across the U.S. to predict which health and wellness trends will stick around in 2018 and beyond. 

Their results have found these five health food trends aren't going anywhere in the New Year:

1.    Turmeric

2.    Sprouted foods like bean sprouts, bread with sprouted grains,               sprouted almonds, and more.

3.    Veggies in place of grains

4.    Dairy-free milk, such as almond.

5.    Pulses, which are part of the legume family and include died peas, edible beans, lentils, chickpeas, and more.

Food aside, we are thrilled to hear that the surveyed experts also predict that low-fat diets are on finally their way out, (sorry Women's Weekly and New Idea) while local, sustainably-sourced diets are focusing on gut health will blossom into 2018.

Consumers are focused on cutting out added sugar while adding more protein and prebiotics/probiotics to their diets. In the dietitians and nutritionists opinion, the most overhyped superfood of 2017 was coconut oil, while Ketogenic (Guy Sebastian) and paleo diets were the most popular as far as meal plans go.

To learn more about gut health, read Giulia Enders book, Gut : the inside story of our body's most under-rated organ, where Giulia reveals the latest science on how much our digestive system has to offer. From our miraculous gut bacteria - which can play a part in obesity, allergies, depression and even Alzheimer's - to the best position to poo, this entertaining and informative health handbook shows that we can all benefit from getting to know the wondrous world of our inner workings.

Cheers to everyone having fantastic gut health for 2018 and beyond.

And no, I am not going to ask a question, especially what is your best position to poo!  

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