How To Eat Yourself Beautiful With Lola Berry

How To Eat Yourself Beautiful With Lola Berry

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Written By Angelica Pupillo

Lola Berry is a leading Australian nutritionist who has helped transform the way that Australians think about their bodies and the ways they nourish it. Last week Lola released her latest book ‘Lola Berry’s Beauty Food,' filled with recipes and remedies for radiant face, eyes, skin, hair, and nails. 

I was fortunate enough to attend the media book launch with another regular Cazinc writer, Suzanne Caligari. There was definitely something magical in the air that night. Lola is one of the rawest, authentic, real, hilarious and gorgeous people and it was a pleasure to hear her talk about her new book. The launch came at a time when she was extremely vulnerable after being slammed in the media for her ‘Day on a Plate’ and recently going through a bad breakup. She inspired everyone in the room with her words of courage and perseverance. 

She gave the most beautiful definition of beauty in her speech.

“What true beauty is to me? Being true to you; Living from the heart; Doing what you love; Dropping fear; Being kind; Having courage; Opening your heart; Being vulnerable; Being free; Being both gentle but strong; Being someone who lives their dream. True beauty is love. it’s loving you. it’s loving others. It’s loving what you do and how you live. It’s love.”  - Lola Berry

‘Lola Berry’s Beauty Food’ is one of my favorite books she has written and I honestly can’t recommend it enough! Lola used to be a makeup artist, so she is very knowledgeable about the importance of taking care of your skin and eating well to maintain that dewy glow. The book is designed to help you age gracefully with the right food to eat and put on your skin. She has also teamed up with David Gillespie, author of “Sweet Poison,” to discuss the adverse effects of sugar on our skin. 

Now I could go on forever on why I think you should buy this book but I think sharing with you some of my favorite parts might just be the thing to entice you to grab yourself a copy! 


I feel like every time I go on YouTube I am bombarded with adds about skin care.  When I have taken the time to research what is actually in them, I have felt super uneasy as I couldn’t recognize any of the ingredients. My diet is very natural; I do my best only to eat foods that I can identify all the ingredients in and it is essential that I do the same for my skin. Lola has taken the time to pick out some foods such as chocolate (YES!) that have properties that are great for your skin and included recipes and face masks you can make that taste delicious and do wonders for the skin! My favorite in this section of the book is the recipe for her Choc-coconut raw mousse. This delightful goodness is easy to make, does wonders for your skin and the perfect snack when the sugar cravings hit! 

Insert pictures of the raw mousse we had at the launch – This is Suzanne and I devouring the mousse at the book launch! 


I believe our eyes give away our age.  Now I am all for having plenty of wisdom in my eyes (that’s the dream), but I don’t know how keen I am on the crow’s feet, and Lola feels the same way. Lola recommends avocado (one of my FAVOURITE foods) for anti-aging as it is filled with nutrients such as good fats to help us age gracefully. In the book, she has a recipe for vegan sushi rolls that are made using cauliflower as a replacement for rice, making the recipe entirely gluten-free for all our celiac friends at Cazinc. This method can be changed multiple ways to suit your taste buds. You could add chicken, salmon or tuna into these rolls to make them more filling and for a hint of protein. 


I can’t even think of the words to describe how excited I was when I found out the benefits that coffee (my saving grace) has for our skin. Coffee is filled with antioxidants, and when consumed responsibly (one or two a day – black or with almond milk) it can have incredible health benefits. Her book includes a Mocha-licious body scrub that exfoliates the skin and helps to minimise cellulite and stimulate circulation.  Best used on a wet body, so Lola recommends doing it while in the shower! Full instructions for use and storage are included in the book. 


Healthy hair is something that I strive to achieve. I use a lot of heat on my hair, so it is important that I include foods in my diet that are going to stimulate hair growth and nourish the ends of my hair that tend to get quite dry. Salmon contains a significant amount of omega three fatty acids that are great for shiny and silky hair. At the book launch, we were all treated to a mini version of Lola's salmon poke bowl, and it was DELICIOUS! The salad is super light and absolutely perfect for those really warm nights in Melbourne because it is refreshing and takes 10 minutes to put together! 


During summer it seems that every woman has taken the time to fix their nails in some way. Whether it’s to show off their new sandals or match their dress at the Christmas party, everyone has them done. But what about our nail health? I was surprised to learn that Paprika contains a lot of vitamins that are essential for good nail health. The zucchini chips with raw vegan aioli need to be on your table next time you are entertaining; it definitely won’t disappoint! 

Angelica and Lola enjoying the launch.

Angelica and Lola enjoying the launch.

I hope this article has given you an excellent little sneak peek of what you can expect from ‘Lola Berry’s Beauty Food.’ I hope you go and buy a copy of this one; it is fabulous! She is also doing a signing for the book at her smoothie bar ‘Happy Place’ in South Melbourne if you want to meet this Australian gem and get your book signed (oh and get one of her INCREDIBLE smoothies)! More details will be posted on the Happy Place Instagram at @happyplacelb or follow Lola herself at @yummololaberry


Angelica Pupillo is a bundle of energy and health.  She has now completed her Law/Arts degree at Deakin University.  Her arts major was journalism and she completed law with honours.  Angelica is currently following her passion of health by doing a Bachelor of Health Science (Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine) at Endeavour College.

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