7 Ways To Educate Your Child On Holidays

7 Ways To Educate Your Child On Holidays

Written by Sacha Kaluri

During the school holidays as parents, we relax on the learning stuff for our kids. Lets be honest the nagging over the school year is a relief to be over! So often kids lose motivation with learning as they are in holiday mode. With Christmas and a few hot days we become chilled out as well. But it's vital for us to keep in it slightly without being a general in the army. 

Here are seven ways we can educate our children on holidays, where they don't feel like you are badgering them.

1. Reading is so critical to kids. 


The best part of reading is it's an activity that we learn from example. Just how they learn from us how to binge watch a tv series. They learn from us if they see us sitting in the sun reading a good book. So you go ahead and relax and let them see you having fun with a good book.

2. Talk about your reading. 

Let them see you read the newspaper. In fact, if you see an excellent article, show your child and introduce them to the exciting parts of a good newspaper or magazine. Even if they are reading the comics section. Get them involved. If you learn something from the paper, share with your child.  Newspapers can give you more than just the doom and gloom of the last 24 hours of news. They can provide us with the communities opinions and tidbits of knowledge. Conversation starters too. You can even mention how use use what you have learnt from the mornings newspaper in your general conversation. 

3. Get into the books they need to read at school. 

Once their book list arrives for the next year. Pick up the novel and read it yourself. I front of them. Firstly it shows how interested you are, secondly it will encourage them to snatch it off you and start reading it. Especially if they see you living it and not being about it down. 
Another great idea is to read the books also so you can discuss together.

4. Money. 

We often realise how much we don't talk about money to our kids yet it's one of the most important things they need to understand. When on holiday, speak to them about a budget, have a general conversation as to how you have saved for the vacation and what you think your daily expenditure is. Explain things like travel insurance, why we get it and the importance  of it. Money is numbers and this is real life maths. 

5. The art of chatting. 

Learning is not just maths and English, earning is the ability to understand different situations. I remember being on a train from London to Paris with my seven-year-old. We sat next to a Scottish couple that were on a holiday. As soon as they heard my accent they wanted to learn all about the land down under. We chatted almost the whole trip. We spoke about what we did for work and different things about Australia. When we reached Paris and said goodbye to our new friends, my son said he learned so much from that train ride and how to make friends while making general conversations. I discovered later that he watched and listened to how to asked questions and made conversations. I had a lengthy discussion with him about how I do make friends with people. I chuckle to myself self whenever I hear my child ask an adult. " So what do you do for work?" He is me all over. 

6. If you are lucky to travel then feed your children with the riches of the information of the area. 


Teach them about where they are and the customs of the local community.  Exposing them to all that information is how they learn best. You don't have to do this just when going overseas. But do it even if you get in the car and go for a drive. I loved it when my parents taught me an interesting fact about where I was.  If I went to Luna Park, I learned about its history. These things stick with us all the time. It's the memory they will keep forever. 

7. New words. 

I took my kids to Fiji this year. In our first day we were told Bula means hello and Vinaka means thank you. I encouraged my children to use these words all the time. By day three they were being using words as frequency as hello and good.

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Sonya and Sacha are two of Australia's leading professional speakers on youth issues and most sought after motivational speakers. Presenting to more than 200 school groups, parents, corporate companies, government agencies and not for profit organisations, with more than 1.1 Million young people in their audiences over the 15 year career.

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