What Is The Ultimate Brand You Should Check Out For Summer?

What Is The Ultimate Brand You Should Check Out For Summer?

SassindSS17 - pink top.jpg

The silk/cotton knitwear, the french linen, and the woven leather slides have all landed at Sassind, one of my favorite brands.  Every Sassind item I own, (and there are many), have been a luxury item for my wardrobe, items that will remain in style for years.  If you are after style, comfort, and luxury, then Sassind is the brand for you.


Here are highlights of their Summer collection, which I think is their best yet.

Sassind introduced two new fabrics to their online collection this summer. One is a beautiful woven linen sourced from France, and the other is a high-grade cotton which has undergone several wash processes to achieve the desired color denim. Both are manufactured in Delhi, India by our trusted apparel supplier, Rahul. 

Their shoes are also produced in Delhi, India by husband and wife team Ratnesh and Richa. They have a wealth of knowledge in shoemaking, and each shoe is handmade by their skilled workers.

In 2016, Sassind decided to move to organic cotton for environmental reason, so all of their re-stocked cotton items are now organic. As Founders of Sassind, Tamara and Craig learn more about the ecological impact of the fashion industry, they try to incorporate more sustainable practices into the business.

Regarding design direction for the summer collection, it has less to do with a theme or trend. Instead, the collection is driven by the lifestyle of the daydreamer, traveler, and the homebody.

A traveler's clothes should be versatile and stylish, while the daydreamer and homebody are looking for comfort. The other side of the design process is ensuring that silhouettes accommodate many body types and that the fit is universally flattering. This has been a commitment Tamara has stuck to from the first collection and is why a lot of the styles feature soft draping fabrics, tapered waistlines, and flattering pleating. At its core, Tamara designs with her customer and their lifestyle in mind rather than to compete with other fashion trends and labels, and I believe that it is this that has contributed to their success.

Check out their summer range.

The silk cotton knitwear:

  • A delicate construction, these light weight layers are your answer to staying comfortable on a cool summer night. An item you will buy now and wear all year round.
  • Available in black, palm desert and desert rose from $129 - individual prices are on the website.
SassindSS17 - pink jumper.jpg
SassindSS17 - Silk Pink top.jpg

2. The french linen culottes:

  • A great alternative to a skirt this style is perfect for the beach, a BBQ or simply relaxing in the home. A truly versatile style, it encapsulates all the best qualities of the Sassind brand.
  • Available in black, white and sand for $129
SassindSS17 - Navy Blue overalls.jpg
SassindSS17 - white top and pants.jpg

3. The cotton denim culottes and tie neck top:

  • The top can be styled two ways - either off the shoulder or higher on the neck - and it looks great with the denim culottes. Buy them as an outfit or easily style them separately.
  • Top $89 and Culottes $129
SassindSS17 - blue dress.jpg
SassindSS17 - blue pants white top.jpg

4. French Linen Dress:

  • Simple construction, a luxury fabrics and it has pockets. This is a go to for the season.
  • Available in white, sand and black for $139
SassindSS17 Leather slide.jpg

5. The organic cotton jumpsuit:

  • We introduced this best seller in a new stripe, perfect for the festive season.
  • Available in green stripe, navy stripe and charcoal for $79
SassindSS17 - stripes.jpg

6. The Woven Leather Slide:

  • Road tested for comfort personally by Tamara, these slides go with everything. They are a summer essential.
  • Available in tan and black for $149

On top of everything, we also love Sassind as they deliver luxury for less. Operating solely online enables them to reduce markups faced by traditional retailers and pass savings on to you. With beautifully wrapped packages delivered to your door, you get a high end shopping experience all form the comfort of your home.  And the packaging is gorgeous also.

Gift Wrap 4 Sassind.jpg

Make your selection of summer goodies from Sassind here.

What are your favourite Sassind items?

Thank you for reading and we know you will enjoy your new wardrobe of luxury items.

Carolyn Rowland is a qualified NLP Master Therapist, Advanced Practitioner of Matrix Therapies, Time Line Therapist, Practitioner of Hypnotherapy, has a Diploma for Business and Life Coaching and A Professional Image Stylist.  Carolyn is happily married to her husband Simon, and raised four beautiful children, who are now young adults and a teenager.

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