A Spring Chicken, Mushroom and Vegetable Soup

A Spring Chicken, Mushroom and Vegetable Soup


I don't know if you are anything like me, but now the days are longer, and the sun is out, I would prefer to be outside for an evening walk, attending a pilates class, or binge watch the latest Netflix series than being stuck in the kitchen for the night.

Thank you to everyone who loved my last soup, with Simon's Nana's secret recipe.  I have had many requests for another easy and tasty soup.

Today when I went to the farmers market, I was excited to see my gorgeous "Mushroom Lady," who attends once per month.  Her mushrooms are exotic, and the most beautiful I have ever tasted.  I use them in my mushroom risotto's, and today she had "black fungus" mushrooms.  I have only seen these sold dried, so being able to purchase fresh was brilliant.  

At Clove Garden's website, they state the "black fungus" mushroom in Chinese medicine to improve blood circulation and relieve atherosclerosis, (cardiovascular disease).  Preliminary tests in Western medicine are encouraging and include confirmation of anticoagulant, (blood thinner) properties.

My gorgeous mushroom lady told me these mushrooms are often used in soups and stir fries in China and Korea, and she kindly gave me her favourite mushroom soup recipe.

So with celery, carrots, and tomatoes in the fridge, which I needed to use up, the soup she suggested below is perfect.

Dinner for us the next few nights are sorted so that I can enjoy the sunshine.

Mushroom Lady's Soup Recipe

spring soup 1.jpg

Splash Olive Oil
2 - 3 onions
1-2 cloves garlic
1-2 red chilli's
Chicken breast or thighs (I use thighs as I like the flavour better)
4 sticks celery
3-4 carrots
4-5 tomatoes (great to use fresh now in season)
1-2 sachets chicken stock
150g Black Fungi and Enoki mushrooms, (or any other mushrooms, such as portobello)
Herbs to add in.  I am using coriander today.  


spring soup 2.jpg

Heat up olive oil on low heat.  Add chopped onions, garlic and chilli.  Then add chopped chicken, (which I always use a different board).

After 5 minutes, add chopped celery, carrots, tomatoes and stock.  Stir in and cook for another 5 minutes.






spring soup 3.jpg

Add enough water to completely cover.  Bring to boil and simmer for 1 - 1.5 hours.

Add torn mushrooms for the last 10 minutes with herbs.  Enjoy.





Carolyn Rowland is a qualified NLP Master Therapist, Advanced Practitioner of Matrix Therapies, Time Line Therapist, Practitioner of Hypnotherapy, has a Diploma for Business and Life Coaching and A Professional Image Stylist.  Carolyn is happily married to her husband Simon, and raised four beautiful children, who are now young adults and a teenager.

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