Olaplex V's Hair Masks

Olaplex V's Hair Masks

I pulled out my laptop while having my hair color restored, and had a chat to my excellent stylist, Emily Perry from Em Eco Hair about the difference between Olaplex and regular hair masks.

A regular hair mask will assist your hair with moisture and shine, but it doesn’t do anything to repair your hair or the crisp frizzles that develop over time.  If you are anything like me, I over color, over blow-dry, over straighten and over style, with many products!

Olaplex took the world by storm last year.  Can you show me a woman’s shower that doesn’t have one in it?  Everyone loves it. 

Hair stylists drink it.

Kardashians sleep with it.

We need to use it.


Olaplex is science-based.  It doesn’t sit on the outer layer of your hair follicles as a typical hair mask does.

When colouring your hair we break the bonds in our hair, which causes breakage.  Olaplex is absorbed by your hair and strengthens the broken bonds to repair your hair.  By mixing Olaplex into your color, it strengthens the hair follicles to reverse the damage.  In addition to this, using Olaplex at home once a week for a minimum 10 minutes, or sleep with it in your hair like the Kardashians, will assist to keep building up your follicles.  The longer you leave it in, the better, as Olaplex will keep repairing your hair to health over the time.

Think of Olaplex like a gym membership.  If you don’t use it regularly, it won’t work.

A game changer for blondes.


“When your hair is damaged, if you sleep in that, it works. I notice a huge difference!” - Kim Kardashian


It doesn’t make your hair feel awesome like a moisturising hair mask as it is rebuilding, not moisturising.

So, if you are anything like me, you will use both regularly.  Like ying and yang, the go together.


Olaplex is a 3-phase system.

1.    Mix in with your color, or book a stand-alone treatment.

2.    Your stylist to use at the basin after color is processed.

3.    Your take home care.


How To Use At Home:

Apply a generous amount from roots to ends on towel-dried hair. Use once a week between chemical services to strengthen hair. Comb through once.

Leave on for a minimum of 10 minutes or more, (even overnight).

Rinse from hair. Shampoo and condition.


Trust Emily and I, your hair will thank you later, especially when you have reached 50 like me and have a head full of grey hairs.

Enjoy having beautiful and healthy hair.

Thank you, Emily, for your assistance with this article, and for keeping my over processed hair happy.

Please leave your comments below, or email carolyn@cazinc.com.au

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