How To Assist Your Teen Through Exams

How To Assist Your Teen Through Exams

We are about to embark on the final weeks of school, and with that for high school teenagers, it means exams. 

For parents, it can also mean stress and worry. 

So how do we make this experience as enjoyable as possible? 

Our dynamic duo, Sonya and Sacha, the teenage experts and authors (read about their must read book on teenagers here), have provided us with some fantastic tips to help everyone enjoy this time, and to achieve better results.

Here are some tips on how parents can get involved and when their teens want them to back off. 

1. Research shows that our brain works at its peak when we study for 50 mins and take a 10-minute break.  Remind them to take regular breaks when studying. 

2. Get some whiteboard markers and allow them to write notes on windows and mirrors (or a whiteboard). Turn everywhere you can into a whiteboard. Create a space where they can visually see notes, diagrams, and mantra quotes to keep them motivated! 


3. A great tip, especially if your child is working towards a particular score to get into university, buy a packet of post-it notes and write that score on them.  Plant them around the house. Remind them how proud you are of them and how hard they are working! 

4. Prepare great brain food for them! Eggs, berries, spinach or salmon! Send them off in the morning of their exams with some great wholesome gain bread toasted with peanut butter and a banana smoothie with honey, (or one of these smoothies)! Give them the best start to the day. 

5. Encourage your teen to study in different areas of the house. Even get them to sit in places of the house they don't usually sit. E.g., the kitchen floor. Studying in different locations forces the brain to see things differently.

6. Encourage movement and exercise. If sitting and studying for too long, encourage your teen to go for a quick walk. Movement helps the brain remember up to 30% more. 

7. Finally, you get involved. Read the books; youtube the topics. These elements are essential so that you can discuss all the subjects together.

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Thank you to Sonya and Sacha for their contribution to this article, and thank you for reading.  

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