Secrets To Flawless Skin By Different Nations

Secrets To Flawless Skin By Different Nations

Written by Mia Taylor.

Every country on this planet displays a magnitude of beauty and beauty-related wisdom that, in some cases, has been passed on to several generations of women. Before the Internet, we could only envy the flawless skin of women from foreign countries. Luckily, times have changed, and the mantra ‘sharing is caring’ has never resonated more.


We are now in the position to share our beauty secrets with women across the globe. When in pursuit of flawless skin, two heads are better than one, so let's see how other stunning women manage to stay on top of their beauty game.


The Calming Effect

Bulgaria, a small country in South-East Europe and the home of the beautiful Rose Valley, is one of the largest producers of rose oil. It’s no wonder roses are one of the primary skincare tools of many Bulgarian women. They use either well-diluted rose oil or create their wash by boiling rose petals. What makes rose water and oil so beneficial for the skin are their anti-inflammatory properties. Due to this, rose water is believed to have a soothing effect on skin, mainly when battling such skin issues as rosacea and eczema. 

The Natural Route 

There is a perception that Australian women are boho goddesses with an immense love for all things natural. Most Australians love natural beachy waves, the feel of the sun on their skin, but they also know that fun in the sun comes with a price and that their precious skin needs extra love to keep that fresh, dewy look. Instead of hiding behind your makeup, why not put your trust in organic and natural skincare cosmetics and one of my favorite brands are the renowned Kora Organics, founded by Australia’s very own Miranda Kerr.  

Beauty At Every Age

Yes, it’s ok to admit that the flawless skin of Japanese girls has us all green with envy. Aside from their multi-step skincare regimens, many Japanese women have a few old tricks up their sleeve, and they all revolve around their beloved rice. Take two cups of white rice and grind it in a blender, and then add just enough warm water to create a yogurt-like paste. Splash your face with water to add moisture and then apply the mixture, massage it into your skin for about ten minutes and rinse off. The result is smooth even, and clean skin, plus, rice has a long-term impact.

From One Generation To Another

A former Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra is proud to share the beauty wisdom received from her mother and grandmother and ‘women in India who use natural products.' In her video for Vogue magazine, she provides us with recipes for homemade scrubs and masks for face and body. According to the actress, her homemade body scrub is not only an exfoliator but also has hydrating and healing properties. The recipe calls for gram flour, plain yogurt, lemon and a bit of milk if needed. Her list of ‘magic ingredients’ includes sandalwood powder and turmeric. It’s safe to assume that before dabbling in the art of Indian skincare, one would have to go grocery shopping, but if the result is gorgeous Indian skin, it will be worth it. 

The Power Of Tea 

There is a large number of Chinese women who look so much younger than their actual age, and this phenomenon never ceases to mesmerize. In pursuit of their secret of youth, we’ve discovered that it’s quite simple. It involves tea, more specifically, matcha and berry tea (both belonging to the family of superfoods). However, these skincare tools act from within, which is why is essential to make them an integral part of your diet and drink at least one cup a day. Matcha is rich in antioxidants, which makes it a powerful tool against signs of aging. Aside from that, there are numerous health benefits, and that is always a good reason to incorporate as a part of your everyday diet.  

What are your skincare secrets?  Anything you have hidden up your sleeve you would like to share?


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Mia is beautiful.  When she contacted me about writing for Cazinc, I knew straight away she would be a valuable asset to our team.  Here is what Mia said about herself:

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"Well, I'm married without kids (yet), I'm from Sydney, but travel a lot, because my husband, Derek, travels a lot for business, and the nature of my job gives me a freedom to follow him everywhere. I really enjoy this lifestyle, it's very different from what I'm used to but it's fun. I get to see a lot of different places and to meet very interesting people and their cultures."

We look forward to many more articles by gorgeous Mia.

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