10 Tips To A Better Nights Sleep With Your Partner

10 Tips To A Better Nights Sleep With Your Partner

It's great to "spoon" when no snoring or hot flushes are involved. 

It's great to "spoon" when no snoring or hot flushes are involved. 

I love sleeping with my "teddy bear" of a husband.  He does the occasional snore, and with premenopausal, I am often overheating.  But I love it when Simon hops into bed each night, snuggles up to me and tells me this is his favorite part of the day.

But have you wondered if there is a connection to how your marriage is traveling, especially for women, and your sleep patterns with your partner?  

Experts have claimed for years that couples sleeping in the same bed might live longer and be in better health than people who sleep by themselves and sleeping with a partner may be a significant reason why people in intimate relationships tend to be in better health. 

But often the conversation over coffee with women is that they don't sleep as well with a partner and wake up more frequently during the night, compared to men who mainly sleep through anything.


Often arguments can arise from bedroom antics.  Snoring would have to be number one, rubbing of cold feet, hogging the blankets and the bed, or tossing and turning.  And this is when everything is going well in your marriage.

Then add to the mixture the stress and anxiety from the modern world amongst couples can cause more disturbed sleep problems.

The National Institute of Health studies have shown sufficient investigated links between marital quality and sleep.

Their findings show that marital happiness is a significant association of self-reported sleep disturbances in women. Specifically, they found that happily married women reported fewer sleep disturbances, including difficulty falling asleep, night time awakenings, and restless sleep, as compared to women with lower marital happiness. 

The message here is loud and clear, happier marriage, better sleep.

Here are 10 tips to help you achieve a better night’s sleep with your teddy bear.

1. Try to stay calm and relaxed before bed.
2. Talk to each other daily.
3. Be intimate together.
4. Listen to your partner if they have a problem. (A word for the guys, please just listen to the problem, don't try to solve it.)
5. Be kind to one another.  Do something nice for your partner.
6. Exercise during the day is a great way of switching off and allowing your body to become tired.
7. Take time out together, date nights, dinner at home with no tv, etc.
8. Flirt with each other.
9. Laugh together, be silly.
10. Build each other up.


Once you develop a trust that you both love each other, unconditionally, the items above will flow naturally, as will your sleep.

And if the snoring persists, go together to sort it out.  You are a team, play the good and the bad as a team.  (Great news, I spoke with my Chinese Medicine Doctor today.  She has a herb which is great for snorers.  Simon will test it out and I will keep you posted with the results soon.  Stay tuned).

And on a final note, please keep loving yourself.  When you love you, you can love others.

Thank you for reading.  Cheers to a peaceful sleep, snuggled up to your partner.  Make this your favorite part of the day too.

Do you have trouble sleeping with your partner?  If so, what have you noticed?  Is it worse when your marriage isn't on track?

Please share with other loving couples.

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