How To Stop And Smell The Roses

How To Stop And Smell The Roses

Working full time last year, including seeing clients, my values around family and work life balance was challenged.  Time for a change of pace.....

How many of you are feeling exhausted right now?  Has life become one huge struggle, a game of tug of war, and you feel like everyone wants a piece of you, whether you are at work or at home.  

The new age is supposed to be designed to make life easier, but when do we stop?  Continual phone calls, emails, not to mention checking social media!

Even though I was enjoying my time working full-time, it did not align with my values of a wife, mother, and especially a woman, which are my most important values.  It was an incredible opportunity for me and would I do it again?  Yes.  It was long hours and hard work and I loved every minute of what I learnt during this time, professionally and personally, but this also showed me was what I was missing and yearning for as a woman.

Feminine energy is very powerful and can be utilized in many ways.  I love feeding my soul by reading amazing books, watching Art-house movies and theatre, creating beautiful meals, meeting with wonderful people, dinner parties, enjoy beautiful wines and of course, champagne.  Taking time out to shop, enjoy a coffee with friends, a day at the hairdressers, visit the beautician or even have the occasional massage, are imperative for my health and wellbeing.

Entering my 50th year, setting my goals on NYE, I comprehended it was time to “slow down” and smell the roses, to walk more than run, be present with what I am currently accomplishing, not thinking 3 steps ahead.  Trusting there is always enough time to achieve what is important today, and the rest can wait until tomorrow.  One month into the year, and already this is effective.

Feeling very fortunate to have such a beautiful relationship with my amazing husband of 22 years, and our four children, (who are teenagers and young adults now).  If I kept going at the pace I was, this was the relationships, the one’s I value the most in life, that would suffer. 

Here is to a slower 2017.  It will be a year of romance, style, food, travel, health, reading to feed the soul, and writing this blog, so rather than sharing with one client at a time, I can share with you all.

We will have fun articles, serious articles, and articles that will inspire.  Book and movie reviews, and so much more from writers around the world.

I hope you take time out to slow down and enjoy every moment………..we look forward to enjoying every moment with you.

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